Fred discovered cycling in 1994. At the time, while it is never ridden a racing bike, her boyfriend Bertrand asked him to go on holiday.

Obviously, rather than reach by conventional means (train or car), they decide to go on a bike. And that's how Valras Orleans was made in 3,5 days or 752 km. This was his first experience of the bike.

Later, Fred - except break - consistently present in the "trips" Bike with friends. Afraid to face the mountain for years, he preferred to bypass and called an alternative route . This year with the Tour de France through the Pyrenees mountains and those of the Alps, Fred will have no choice.

In 2012, he discovered the dancer he practiced before with a unique style that could earn him some ridicule.

In 2014, he did not hesitate to attack the mythical Mont Ventoux and was almost surprised to reach the top safely.

Passionate about nature, Fred brings his knowledge of wildlife distinguish at first glance "Ardea cinerea Linnaeus" (gray heron) means of transport which is the plane. Thank you, Fred!

Fred has planned the 2015 Tour de France in its entirety.



Meudon, France