The first journey of Stéphane date of 2011. At the time, he fights against himself to finish in the Massif Central the third stage of the journey. On arrival Besse , it passes control to the restaurant and falls asleep on her plate. The next day, he returned to Orleans completely satisfied by this first trip and convinced that he will come back with us. And that's what happened.

Since he trains, landmark stages before the course and aims to dethrone old. He succeeded many times.

Apart from its outstanding qualities of riders, Stephane is our chief winemaker: he supported the choice of wine in restaurants or wineries that we will cross. This is always successfully.

It therefore actively participates in the journey of the route by inserting his personal touch (passing by the vineyards of Champagne or Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône ) .

This year Stéphane realize all the mountain stages (Pyrenees and Alps).



Saint-Jean-Le-Blanc, France