Some of our friends joined us for a few steps or a full tour.


Nat accompanied us in many expeditions.
He appreciates above all the friendly side and the discovery of new lands on the other hand it does not taste the additional 10% Bébert. After a day of suffering for flat Creuse, it is at the origin of the famous phrase: "Bébert, Assassin!" ...

In 2011, the course and the heat will because of his determination to discover new lands. He returned to England and will be joining over us.
Since we no longer recroisons Nat on a bike but in some dark pubs in London.

In 2015, he took the sport with a sprint triathlon: "Good Luck Nat Mister!"
2016 may be the year of the return?


Bertrand joined us on stage 2012. He directed the first two stages with pain and promises to return the following year.

In the cross breeding over a range of "lle d'Yeu", a completely different bell sound emerge: " Never again, you are seriously sick" . We strongly doubt that Bertrand retaste our journey.


Worthy heir of Maurice Garin (first winner of the 1903 Tour de France), Tom - with his heart beating at 30 break - turned out to be an excellent climber. Excellent, as he finds excuses - from time to time - not to participate in the adventure, the most common being the work overload. Without judging the organizational Tom, note that it must be the only one to have a professional activity supported in this pack:-)


Climber born, like its little brother, Béber, he flew over the Pyrenees on a mountain bike ...!!!
Less comfortable downhill, he succored chutes having been momentarily lose control of their car.