Nicolas joined us in 2005.

Always ready to discuss philosophy (Sisyphus), Nico is also able amidst a fascinating conversation with a sudden acceleration to destabilize the squad and especially to go "pass" the most lost village in France in the first panel . This is also Nico who brought the concept of sprint to the panel.

In the Massif Central in 2010, Nico is cool ... but late:

In 2011, after 280 km of effort (while Bébert - important detail - not realize "only" 272), Nico ends in step head. To celebrate this victory, the final stop was made champagne poured directly into our water bottles ... Nevertheless, following the pit stops for the evening that followed took place in classical flutes.

But his main feat of arms dates back to 2009 with a very good win (often unrecognized) in the village of Cluny .

Nico is the author of this beautiful sentence beginning of the course, "I will not deny that without you, I'll go a little faster." Of course, we are not vindictive, and will not hesitate to do some "strollers" in the end.

Not at ease in the mountains, it still goes everywhere. In 2010, he made the feat with William being one of the 4 finishers of Orléans-Cassis journey with a final 220 km including the rise of Mont Ventoux .

This year Nicolas Alpestres carry out the steps and maybe finish on the Champs Elysées .


In addition to the sessions below, Nico practice 2 to 3 sessions per week squash and weight training.

S13: Nicolas removed all the hair from his body.


Bucarest, Romania